FORTH will undertake the coordination of the project (WP1), and will exploit its long experience in computer vision, ML/DL and state-of-the-art robotic material recovery to lead R&D activities regarding prMRF development.

It will be involved in data collection, material recognition and material recovery. FORTH will lead WP5, ensuring that enabling technologies are effectively integrated and prMRF is successfully demonstrated.


UoM is very experienced in scientific AI-driven tools for game design and development. UoM will lead WP6 and will undertake the implementation of user-friendly Recycling Data-Games, which will engage non-expert citizens in project activities and particularly the collection of annotated material-imaging data.


KUL is specialized in industrial robotic systems with a focused expertise on gripping mechanisms. KUL will lead WP4 and will investigate multi-material grippers and how they can be optimally attached to effective RoReWo Teams undertaking material recovery.


HRRC has extensive expertise in industrial material recovery. It will undertake a major part of prMRF implementation costs and will contribute in the synthesis, implementation and on-site assessment of the prMRF.

HRRC is keen in using multiple prMRFs in material recovery activities in many Greek islands beyond the Ionians.


IRIS is the WP3 leader and contributes in the project expertise in computer vision, hyperspectral imaging, ML/DL for material recognition and the use of non-visual sensors for the control of manufacturing processes.


RBNS is a new start up specialized in material recovery robotics. It brings to the project the already developed and assessed RoReWo units and expertise in robotic deployments for material data collection in the wild.


AIMPLAS provides significant expertise in plastics recovery and the circular economy. It will contribute in prMRF requirements and equipment specification, prioritizing the recovery of different plastics, and optimizing system performance for the different use case scenarios.


AXIA brings expertise in innovation management and will lead WP7. AXIA will undertake activities to exploit the RECLAIM products by revealing their value in the context of the Circular Economy and paving the way for their potential commercialization.


ISWA provides an extensive waste management network of experts and associations that spans the globe. ISWA will disseminate RECLAIM technological advances worldwide, revealing their positive impact on waste management and the transition to a circular economy.


ION is the local authority responsible for waste management in Ionian Islands, Greece.

ION will host the prMRF undertaking material recovery from post-consumer waste providing all facilities necessary for experimentation in the context of the three use case scenarios considered in the project.

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