Work Packages

The RECLAIM project consists of 7 work packages (WPs) that are categorized as follows:

Work Package 1: Project management
×          Scientific, technical and administrative management
×          Quality assurance and risks management
×          Ethical and privacy issues on data collection
×          Open data and benchmarking
×          Open training on digital waste management

Work Package 2: Application requirements and system specification
×          Requirement analysis for prMRF and Recycling Data Games
×          prMRF & Recycling Data Games specification and design

Work Package 3: Recyclable waste detection and categorization
×          RGB-imaging for waste detection and categorization
×          Hyperspectral imaging for waste detection and categorization
×          Repeating AI-ILC advancement & Deep Learning quality assurance
×          Smart Monitoring and Operational Predictive Analytics
Work Package 4: RoReWo-Team for material recovery
×          Implementation of complementary gripping mechanisms
×          RoReWo implementation and control
×          Configuration of the multi-robot/multi-gripper RoReWo-Team
Work Package 5: prMRF implementation, demonstration & assessment
×          Early prMRF development and on-site deployment
×          prMRF iterative implementation-testing-optimization
×          Optimization of RoReWos Team performance
×          On-site prMRF assessment and long-term sustainability
Work Package 6: Recycling Data-Games
×          On site, waste data collection
×          Algorithms and pipelines for recycling data-games
×          Deployment and evaluation of environmental games
Work Package 7: Project impact maximization
×          Dissemination and communication activities
×          Liaising with other projects and DIHs
×          Innovation assets exploitation and commercialization

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