Presentation for the Erasmus project “Journey of a Tree”

On Thursday, October 19th, the participants of the Erasmus project ‘Journey of  a Tree’ ( visited the Foundation for Research & Technology – FORTH. This program focuses on cooperation and the exchange of good practices. As part of the RECLAIM project, Mr. Michalis Maniadakis gave the visitors a presentation regarding the recycling process and the

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Construction of the prMRF

RECLAIM activities have been recently focused on the construction of the prMRF (portable robotic Material Recovery Facility) and the installation of the mechanical equipment within. Τhe mechanical equipment installed in the prMRF has gone under actual testing in the loop mode of operation for several hours . The prMRF has been fed with sample recyclable

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Gripper techniques

In this short film, you can see four techniques that have been developed, tested and evaluated by KU Leuven. At KU Leuven they are working hard on developing and testing new techniques for the portable, robotic Material Recovery Facility (prMRF). Techniques presented in the video:   1) High Airflow Vertical Conveying (HAVCO) gripper. This innovative

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Installation of the container box for the prMRF

The container box that will serve for the development of the RECLAIM project’s portable robotic material recovery facility (prMRF) was received and installed at FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas). The prMRF container has been prepared by HERRCO and in addition to the vibrating dispenser, industrial magnet and more than 25 meters of conveyor belts,

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