Construction of the prMRF

RECLAIM activities have been recently focused on the construction of the prMRF (portable robotic Material Recovery Facility) and the installation of the mechanical equipment within. Τhe mechanical equipment installed in the prMRF has gone under actual testing in the loop mode of operation for several hours . The prMRF has been fed with sample recyclable material flows with very realistic characteristics that have been calculated on account of the actual composition of the materials in the field, after estimating their weight, volume, and quantity and projecting them to the sample flow.

The cooperation of the mechanical equipment installed in the prMRF was excellent, as the vibrator was able to evenly distribute the materials on the main forward moving conveyor belt, the magnet selected all the ferrous metals and the backward moving belt collecting all the recyclable materials initially fed into the prMRF transported them back to the vibrator to be redistributed to the main belt, and so on. The preliminary tests that were conducted confirm the operational readiness of the prMRF to receive and transport the targeted materials for sorting.

Enjoy some close-ups of our prMRF! 🎉

Interior view of the box above the main conveyor belt before
the installation of the magnet equipment.
Interior view of the box above the conveyor belt after the installation of the distribution equipment.
External view of the prMRF while testing the self-installation mechanism on the ground.
View of the interior while testing the distribution-conveyor systems.
View of the prMRF while testing the self-unloading ability
from the truck.
View of the prMRF loaded on the truck.

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